(pronounced "rebel geek")

Full stack software and technology development and mentoring backed by 3 decades of experience in gaming, video streaming, IoT, and networking.


I started rblgk, LLC to provide a variety of services after spending a lot of years building gaming backends, video streaming platforms, IoT systems, web applications, and low level networking.

I believe a lot of the modern tech world is overly complex and full of bullshit. I intend to be different and always be 100% transparent and honest while still being extremely professional. I want your projects to succeed, launch, and perform as best as they can so we all can sleep at night and be confident it stays running.

I have spent decades doing a lot in the video game and streaming audio/video space so if I can be of assistance there I would also be happy to chat. You can find more details on my personal resume too.


Technology & Architecture Mentor

Need someone to keep an eye on the design of a software system or audit a technology stack choice when building your next application? I can come in as an advisory role and work with your engineers if there are open questions or concerns. Essentially a CTO or VP of Engineering for hire.

Software System Design

Planned kick-off meetings to gather requirements, provide rough estimates and timelines, and outline implementation plans.

Routing & Networking

BGP, IP, TCP, UDP, oh my! I have intimate knowledge of the OSI model from raw Linux sockets to network configurations.

Distributed Systems

Understanding the trade-offs of complex systems that need to communicate while adhering to the CAP theorem.

Testing & Performance

Have a slow system? Want to save money on compute costs? Let me find optimizations to make in existing codebases.

High Performance Services

Backend web and API services using Go, Rust, C, or C++. Proper observability with logging, metrics, and tracing.

Prioritizing Open Source

Free and open source tools and technology will be used to build all aspects of the final solution in order to promote individuals who want to offer ethical and privacy focused software.

Training & Education

Need any education around security, authentication, storage & backup, or networking for you small business or school programs? I can provide training material based on the needs and questions you have.


Climate Change

The world is changing and it is our fault so any projects involved with using science and technology to understand and improve humanity's future on this planet are important.

Space Science and Exploration

Humans are curious to understand our world. This means we also need to understand other worlds. Software from decades ago was extremely space (pun intended) constrained by CPU and memory and being sympathetic to those kinds of machines is vital to make sure we can continue exploring.

Global Telecommunications

The current state of the internet is built upon and still using technology design decades ago. We take this for granted, but these simple concepts drive everything we do today. Network optimizations and new ways of moving packets of data through the internet deserve a fresh set of eyes.

Smol Business, Education, and Government

The big tech giants are leaving small institutions behind to fend for themselves in this digital world. Anything I can do to bring those learnings from the big tech world down to the small business, education, and government places to be able to keep up and feel save and secure is close to my heart.

Any work involving cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or any other unethical or unsustainable technology I deem relevent will not be accepted. Period.


I am not cheap because I have a special set of skills beyond apps, websites, and APIs which I can also do, but prefer more interesting projects. We can certainly talk and negotiate on the best rate based on the work required.

I am also not overly expensive because I am a single member company. I can work with you based on a reasonable budget and special considerations will be given to folks who need me for socially good initiatives.

I prefer to charge based on 3 to 6+ months in order to budget for both of us, but I am willing to take shorter contracts based on availability and needs.

I will not accept any equity as payment. "Cash is king."

Contact Me

If you made it here and were not scared off by my interests and rates because you know the value of a good software engineer and are interested in talking then feel free to email me.

Email blain@rblgk.com Nah, nevermind